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At what point does the number become something we don't care about any more? Probably if the point ever comes that after a stressful day I don't feel like drinking a bottle of whiskey.

Grateful: for my husband whose love language is deeds not words, so put $100 in my bank account so I wouldn't be overdrawn by the electric bill, and who also made me a dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and and orange infused chocolate mousse. He indulges my superstitious even if he doesn't believe in them.
And for my friends and all the birthday wishes yesterday. So glad you all remember remember the 5th of november....


the lights at work are not helping my headache.
In addition to running water, I will be grateful today for past me who put a baseball cap in my desk drawer for just such an occasion. I am wearing it now.

After days of a headache, I made a Dr. appointment for the morning of my birthday (grateful for insurance). I'm well overdue for a physical and I need my meds renewed anyway...


Gratitude is like a muscle it must be exercised....

Nov 1 grateful I survived yet another holiday. I hate holidays. Grateful the neighborhood hipsters reward Xavier in his box costume with extra candy. Xavier said he was thinking outside the box.

Nov 2 technology. The joy of reclining in my favorite chair in a warm house with the internet in my lap.

Already I failed--507

Well, teh resolution thingy is a good idea, now just to follow it.

Most of my day is spent not at my desk, sitting next to new hires, making suggestions for the way they should do their calls.  Two of them are perfect, the other two are a challenge.  It reminds me of Blanche Duncan who said " There are four ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, the Navy way and Blanche Duncan's way.  If you want to get paid, youa re goingt o do it Blanche Duncan's way."

I have one more speech to do for toastmasters to get me Competnet Communciation award (take that therapist who said I was "Hyper-verbal"). After consluting a couple people--the theme is Inspire your audience--I am going to do it about my current recovery.


Originally posted by docbrite at Resolution
"Help revive Livejournal. Write something here every day. Don't just post stuff for sale or reposts from Facebook. Don't worry about whether it is crappy or embarrassing. Today's thought is about how we are attempting to emulate the sleep patterns of our cats. We sleep in short stretches when we feel like it, work when we are awake. So far, Grey is more productive than ever. Myself, I'm not sure about yet, but I seem to be doing OK. Not so much art, but lots of Voodoo/hoodoo work for people. I seem to be specializing in honey jars."

Writng something once every 24 hours seems like a good idea to me.


I stopped walking and need to get back to it.  I haven't started the light and I need to do that.   Mercury is in retrograde again.
I had a very inproductive weekend.


I got the performance coach job!  It's a three month position with bonus at the end :)  I'm excited!


It is the last week of september andI have misquito bites all over my ass.  and no, there was no outdoor sex to attribute it to....

the walking kind of fell off. I got a stomcah bug last week and then yesterday I only got 10 minutes in.  I am recomitting.
Justin is dating.  He had an asignation last night and then has a differnt one tongith.  Horray I say!
Five years in, seeing that man every nigth can be a little much ;)

The same person that sent me my LJ invite 11 years ago got me a Ello invite, so we shall see what is up over there.

I unneccessarily stirred a hornet nest on FB this morning, but I dont' think I was heard by the people who I think needed to hear it.  Marcy moms and the stupid magazine sale, fundraising in genenral and someone full of ideas.  I think she is a hip mama--she has a bunch of them in common.  The ideas are great, but what I said was put some action behind them and then take them to the parent liason and there were comments after that saying "can we not be heard if we dont' go to a meeting??"
sigh.  I'll stay out of it now.  I do not need to get bavck into that

Speaking of, I should let the GS moms know I will not be at the social tomorrow.  I have to go to my meeting.

I went to a united way thing last night at work that the invite said there would be apps and drinks.  I thought "it's on site. by drinks they mean lemonade, right?" nope.  Drinks.  I was handed a drink ticket along with my name tag and that stressed me out a LOT for some reason.  I quick got my club soda with lime, but wow.  And it is not like I would have gotten sloshed with one free drink, but the fact I had in my had a ticket for a Jameson neat (oh yes, that darling boy was there...) pushed some weird buttons.

But the misquitoe bites are the thing making the most nutty!


Walking is still such a chore.  I was kind of hoping it would get better by now, but I recall that 17 days not drinking was a chore as well.
I filled up my pill containers today and on payday need to get more b, D, and E vitamins--and will not let myself run out of D again.

being healty is such a chore.
I still kind of want to curl up on the couch infront of netflix with a bottle of jameson and get blotto...but that is no longer my life, so there we go.

I'm signing X up for Debate club.  He will be great!

Oh, yesterday I got to kind of do the job for which  I have applied.  Performance coach.  LIstening to newbies calls and telling them what they are doing right and wrong.

And I am reading thsi book called "Identifying waste on the shopfloor" which starts out with a section on how to read a book.  A lot of things spelled out that I dont' even realize I do, but I do.  I am also reading "understanding A3 thinking" --by choice, both of these!


I am so tired.  Tonight's walk will be a testiment to my perservernce.  I am going to do it though.

Just tired.  Stinking weather, stikning cold.

Yay weekend, but it is full of stuff still and yet.
when do I get to receover from real life?

i've got nothing. Just thinking good thoughts for everyone that need some.

But i'm going to send the good thoughts while I sleep. I'll give ytou hugs on the astral plaine

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